Spotify Reveals a Major Redesign Featuring Personalized Feeds and Short-Form Video.

Spotify has introduced a significant redesign of its mobile app, featuring personalized feeds and a TikTok-inspired short-form video feed.

A vertically scrolling “discovery” feed, a new “Smart Shuffle” mode for playlist recommendations, a new podcast autoplay feature, and other improvements are included in the app update. While some features will be available only to subscribers, others will be available to everyone, though availability will vary by market. The change is intended to make the user interface more interactive while also addressing complaints about app clutter and limited discovery.

Spotify is testing a TikTok-style short-form video feed.

The updated Spotify mobile app includes a TikTok-style feed that displays a snippet of audio combined with video from a track. Users can preview an album, playlist, or single by tapping the preview card and selecting up to five tracks. Users can listen to their music while scrolling through the recommendation feed on mute. They can tap the card to view the full album or playlist, or they can stop listening to their own music and begin listening to the suggestion instead.

Personalization Technology at Spotify Continues to Drive User Experience

Spotify’s new design expands on the company’s previous use of personalization technology to attract and retain users. The app includes personalized playlists and mixes, AI DJ, and genre and mood feeds. The algorithm ranks its suggestions based on the tastes and preferences of the individual user, not on general popularity. Spotify recommendations account for nearly half of all streams, with each track played on a program playlist receiving three times the number of streams from that listener over the next six months.

Spotify’s Redesign Is Designed to Increase New Content Discovery

The new features, combined with the recently launched AI DJ, aim to address one of the most common complaints from fans, artists, and creators alike: finding new content. With the demise of the radio model, artists are increasingly reliant on services such as Spotify to feature their tracks on editorial playlists or insert their songs into users’ Discover Weekly. In theory, these changes could provide a new avenue for finding fans.

Controversy Concerns about TikTok-ification of Apps

The update may be controversial, as some users are tired of TikTok-ifying all of their apps, from Netflix to Reddit to Amazon to more direct competitors like Snap, Instagram, and YouTube. Spotify, on the other hand, claims that recommendations are critical to its experience. The redesign will be available only on mobile devices at first, but will eventually be available on more devices. It will be rolled out in waves to the company’s 500+ million monthly active users, so users may not see it right away but will soon.

Featured image: Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

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