Sony Admits Defeat and Signs Microsoft Deal to Keep Call of Duty on PlayStation

Sony has finally admitted defeat and signed a deal with Microsoft to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation for the next 10 years. The agreement marks the end of Sony's opposition to Microsoft's…


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Collector Pays Over $190,000 for 16-Year-Old iPhone

A 16-year-old iPhone, the original 4GB model released by Apple in 2007, has been sold at auction for over $190,000, setting a new record. This rare collector's item, still factory-sealed and in exceptional condition, attracted significant attention and surpassed expectations with its final selling price.

Apple’s Vision Pro: Redefining the Metaverse

Apple's Vision Pro headset is set to redefine the metaverse experience by seamlessly blending digital and real-world interactions. With its innovative features such as eye-tracking technology and personalized experiences, it marks a significant leap forward in the world of virtual reality.