About us

NETDGI was found in 2020 by Tien Truong. As a content website, NETDGI has covered a number of useful articles especial in many aspects of life, helping people to update their knowledge or get their solution in shortest time with accuracy, transparent and speed.

NETDGI stand for NETwork of Divergent, Genuine, Incredible.

NETDGI is not just a news portal, but a place to go for knowledge as well as a destination for how-to, tip, tricks, accuracy reviews and summarized information. Our vision is to be the home of cutting edge, technical articles based on our readers, whose taste can be described as ‘fast, accuracy, transparent.’ In addition, we strive to be the source of information and ideas on the front lines of the IoT revolution. We also think you can have a good time reading articles at NETDGI.

As the result, our articles follow these rules:

  • Cleaner, focused objective.
  • A more intuitive, more comfortable mobile view
  • Reading time should be less than 5 mins.

We will, as always, keep an open look for the future. We continue to improve our user experience with user interface and content quality across the site. Users are always welcome to suggest new features to make NETDGI is really a place for learning new things, sharable knowledges.